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Its Indie Rock ‘n Roll, I mean Games for me…

Yesterday I went to the Eurogamer Expo at the Old Billingsgate. Interesting format for the teenage gamer, unfortunately, not a great format for anyone working in the industry. I was very excited and looking forwards to hearing more from the people behind the games, but what I was faced with in the end was just lots of “man versus machine” set ups featuring games consoles, TV screens and solo seats for the solo gamer..

But being a girl at the Old Billingsgate yesterday was fairly interesting. I was within the 10% who was actually supposed to have boobs, within the 30% who had long hair and within the 5% who were interested in the Indie Games Archade. And this is actually what I want to talk about. How cool was the Indie Games Archade!? According to my humble opinion – Absolutely fantastic!!

The Indie Games Archade offered the chance to try out some of the latest alternative, highly challenging games developed by smaller, independent studios, made to stand out from the usual killer/zombie/sci-fi games offered across the gaming floor. Needless to mention, I was thrilled!

I played Tumbledrop, which was absolutely fantastic! But soooo frustrating as well! Honestly, this game will keep me entertained for ages! How the hell do you keep the pink star safe??? Click on this cross and it falls that way, click on that cross and it falls the other way.. ARGH! Not to mention the heartwrenching look of the star as it plummets into the depts of the sea…

I also played Time KFUC, which was also an incredibly fabulous game that managed to really suck me into the depressingly wonderful world of the adorable, yet so unhappy main character of the game. Everything from the beginning with semi Soviet style graphics to the enchanting background music is made to pull you into the game, and the success if imminent.. You just cant pull yourself away from trying to accomplish each task set up as a “one level in every screen” .. Addictive, but yet so fabulously fun! (in a depressing way of course..)

And I played Fig. 8. another fabulously intriguing yet different racing game where you are supposed to “control your bike through a suburban landscape constructed of technical diagrams while using your wheels to paint lines on the canvas to gain extra points.” At least according to the website. According to me, its an aesthetically-pleasing-and-highly-addictive-game-to-keep-you-challenged-while-you-should-really-be-doing-your-spreadsheets.

In general, the day was fabulous, the games were fantastic, although the crowd could have been a bit more communicative.. But I do wish most of my Fridays could be spend playing random games at gaming expos…

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