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Marketing to Women who like Playing Games…

I am supposed to write another article for IGB this week. My last one, published in their October issue (if I remember it correctly, it was published in the October issue), discussed what had helped MariaBingo get the message across to women, this one is supposed to be the second step in the discussion..Digging further into the topic..  

My topic of discussion was marketing to women, and the three main topics were a) pink – marketing to women does not just mean slapping lots of pink on your site or adding some gossip to it…b) beyond bingo – its not about just one product, its about giving women what they want, entertainment online and wide selections…and c) age.. it really is all about the age.. women who play games online nowadays are not teenagers, they are on average 38 years old.

Following the approximately 800 words discussing how to market to women, I was somewhat disappointed to see that they had done the typical error with regards to marketing to women.. slapped my article on a pink background with a random female face in the top right hand corner.. Hmm.. I guess this just summarizes the problem with most marketing directed towards women.. Its just difficult to get away from the pink and the “women like educational games” aspect.

My next article is supposed to discuss gaming from an experience point of view and the changing social demographics of gaming. In general, nowadays its not a social taboo anymore for women to turn to games to find relaxation, its something totally supported, especially by all gaming companies around. The selection of games targeting the casual gamer is increasing all the time, along with the marketing to push the products out to the masses. Women are the new hot target group, and even if its a hard to please target group for games marketing, its also a target group that happily accepts the attention.

Women are definitely looking for a platform online where to express themselves. Forums, Facebook and magazines or fashion platforms online only serve women to a certain extent. The games portals then again have found a loyal and trustworthy companion in the female demographics group. They provide women with the perfect channel of escapism that other channels cannot do. Where else can you just switch off and burst bubbles, sort cards in certain orders or complete various levels of random useless task in order to achieve the final goal? As a gamer (not even a female gamer) I dont really care! As long as it has no function in real life and no connection to the usual day to day work I an happy..

But how do you communicate this to women? Women are online in search of online entertainment and escapism.. The best channels to look at therefore are exactly these. Where would you go in search of entertainment? Bingo! Thats where most female gamers would go as well. Most likely.. A gamer is a gamer, and there is no difference what gender that gamer is of. The difference lies in what type of game you are promoting.

Female gamers tend to show up on gaming and entertainment sites that have some level of intellectual challenge, or are fairly entertainming from an animation point of view, rather than a “shoot and kill” point of view. What I have seen while working with Maria is that any channel that promotes entertainment, usually has a higher successrate for Maria than any other channel. What I cannot argue with is if it makes a difference to capturing women or men.

In today’s world, I think what we are seeing is women moving more and more online and into the world of gaming. Its not about women and men anymore, its about what type of game you like and what type of experience you are looking for. Women tend to aim more for games with a social context while men can be more blood thirsty and adventure seeking. But in the end, all gamers can be found on sites promoting any form of entertainment and escapsim that can be found online. The question is, can you and your product be found there as well?

Like I said in my first IGB article, “More on that in my next article”…

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