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Increasing your Chances of Winning in Bingo

Bingo is and has always been a social game of luck that people of all ages have love to play. People playing bingo usually also like to play the lottery and try their luck with scratch cards, charmed mainly by their ability to bring instant gratification to the player as well as being easy to learn for the novice. But even if Bingo is a game of luck, there are some ways in which you can try to influence Lady Luck to sprinkle some lucky dust on your tickets in particular and get those numbers called out in your favour.

In this post I will focus on discussing fixed prizes and the probabilities of hitting a coverall bingo. In these games, more players means more competition for the prizes, so first of all, try to pick games that do not have too many players in order to increase your chances of winning. Since your odds are inversely proportional to the number of competing bingo tickets available within each game, the less competition you have the higher are your chances of winning. Simple!

Obviously its difficult to know how many cards you are up against in the room, but experienced bingo players start getting a feel for this by just paying attention to the game and fellow bingo players. Noting down how much you spend, how much you win, how many people there are in the room etc will help you start getting a feel for things. Also focussing on how close you get to a bingo or to 1TG when someone else wins the bingo will tell you a bit about what kind of competition you are up against.

Having gone over the slightly more fluffy stuff for how to improve your chances of winning, lets have a look at the exciting calculations and probability for winning..  

I recently found the fantastic site Wizard of Odds that holds a multitude of great information about gambling in general. If you are really interested in bingo it’s definitely worthy of some of your time, I especially found the Bingo Probabilities section super interesting where the chances of winning are analysed thoroughly and allows you to really get to know the game and establish a strategy for play.

The site uses an excel formula, combin, to calculate the possiblility for a coverall on a bingo card with 75 numbers within x amounts of calls. The mathematical formula for combin(x,y) is x!/(y!*(x-y)!) but using excel or the tables on Wizard of Odds will make this much easier to do. I will definitely start using this in order to learn more about the game, but possibly also with the aim to optimise my bingo playing as much as possible and not just rely on gut feeling!

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