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Reclaiming your Privacy (and Virginity) Online

Yesterday I tried to reclaim my privacy online.. I know, I know.. This is a bit like Paris Hilton trying to reclaim her virginity, but I guess its still worth a shot!

Anyways, back to my privacy. Reclaim Privacy Org is an organisation that claims their mission to be to promote privacy awareness on Facebook and elsewhere. In order to do this they have developed a scanner that you download from their site which then operates entirely between your own browser and Facebook while it checks how open you are about your personal information.

Check out the status of your Facebook page by dragging the grey button on their site to your browser bookmarks bar, or by clicking here to Scan for Privacy

Next you need to Go to your Facebook privacy settings and then click your new bookmark once you are on Facebook. The software will add a frame to your Facebook profile where you will see a series of privacy scans kick off that inspects your privacy settings and warns you about settings that might be unexpectedly public.

I realised I had been pretty good with my info, except for a few details such as location and availability of some photos to be seen by “Everyone” instead of just my “Friends” like I prefer. But in general I was pretty pleased that I was not dissing too much of my own dirt publicly. Conclusion: Definitely worth a check!

And P.S… If you are really keen on reclaiming your virginity as well, check out Certified Virgin

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