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Women More Expensive Than Men

This post starts off by stating a somewhat obvious fact, but women have conquered another area with regards to this and are now more expensive than men on Facebook.

Having looked into costs of advertising on various platforms for my day job, I realised that there is an element here that would be an interesting discussion for my blog as well. Apparently women in general are more expensive to advertise to than men when it comes to social media. I have heard that Women use social media more than men and are more community oriented in general, but now publishing platforms have really caught on to this and are charging more to reach these women. 

Facebook is a good example for this. The platform charges advertisers a CPC of $0.98 to reach women, but only $0,95 to reach men within the  US market. An interesting price difference. It would be very interesting to see further analysis on this and if the justification for this is that women end up spending more on Facebook than men.

In case anyone has any further research on this I would be very interested to read more!

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