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Super Bowl Goes Casual

It’s that time of the year again. Or that’s at least what I am being told from anyone who is a) an NFL fan, b) an American, c) a gambler as they are gearing up for this year’s Super Bowl.

Having grown up with ice hockey and ski jumping, I was never really subjected to this American sports and family get together tradition. But that changed radically following our move closer to the land of the free and brave as well as with the change in target audience within my work.

But as the big event is getting closer (and Texas is trying to get its power sorted to make this years SuperBowl into the usual brightly shining beacon of all sports events) I have started to really look forward to it. Not the game as such, but this is also the marketing event of the year when companies spend millions on getting their ad showing to the millions of fans watching the game.

What caught my attention this year was the new type of ad that will be airing. The ad I am talking about will be featuring the stars of one of the most popular iphone games in 2010 – Angry Birds! The Super Bowl Angry Birds 30 sec ad will feature a secret code that will apparently unlock a special level in the mobile game and will most likely have thousands of fans desperately inspecting each screen for any clues as to where this secret code lies.

Everyone who watch the Super Bowl ad, who find the secret code, unlock the special level and reach the special level in the game will be entered into a sweepstakes for a grand prize. Mashable mentions it being atrip to Rio de Janeiro to see the Angry Birds Rio movie premiere on March 22, when the Angry Birds movie will be released along with its mobile app.

What I find interesting is that it has taken this long for casual games to push through and into the “big boys ad league”, hosted during Super Bowl halftime, considering its massive and continuously growing popularity everywhere. It will also be interesting to see how big the participation and enthusiasm will be for this game and its ad following its release, and if they will be able to keep it under wraps all the way until Sunday as has been tradition among advertisers at Super Bowl.

Put your votes in at the AdBlitz YouTube Channel immediately after the game – And let the best bird win!

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