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Google + Games vs. Facebook the New Battlefield over Female Casual Gamers?

Most of you must have seen the latest moves in the games market where Google+ has begun to roll out their new Games tab. This tab will include access to 16 different games from 10 app developers and will feature such popular games as “Angry Birds,” and “Bejeweled Blitz”.

Compared to Facebook, this is nothing, yet. With an estimated 25 million users, approximately 3% of what Facebook has, Google+ is not yet ready to rival the popular social platform but it is a nice platform for game developers. Initially Google is only taking  a 5 percent cut of the in-game transactions compared to a much higher 30 percent taken by Facebook. What is left to be seen though is  what the final commission will be.

In contrast to Facebook, who just a day after Google’s announcement on Thursday went even further by adding a bunch of  developments to its games platform, Google’s structure for games will not show the never ending stories that originate from games in the main stream. In a much more discreet style, those interested can navigate to the Games tab and check out what their friends have been up to. What remains to be seen is how the games developers will react to this, especially since Facebook developers reported reduced visibility of their games when the platform recently clamped down on game related spam in the news feed.

Even if the industry has been awash with rumors regarding a possible Games addition to the Google family, there are still a lot of questions around the new venture as well as a lot of interesting possibilities. The Games tab started rolling out to users on August 11 and will be available to all users in the coming days so I guess we will hear more and more from the users and not just the developers with regards to what they think about it.

Another interesting thing to be seen over the following days is what camp the large chunk of women gamers fall into. Will Facebook be favored over Google + or will Google + manage to crack the code and sneak into the virtual worlds and mobiles of women as successfully as Facebook did?

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