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Where are the Women?

A few weeks ago a comment on Mashable regarding the lack of women users of Google+ made me take notice. According to their article, SocialStatistics estimated that in July Google+ had  87% male users, which obviously meant that only a tiny amount of its users were female. This huge male domination Mashable attributed to the fact that Google+ had appealed mainly to techies upon its launch, which I guess unfortunately has some truth to it.

Anyhow, following the huge amount of publicity over the last few months it would have been strange if this percentage would stay as skewed in favour of the male gender as it was so I decided to check up on this again.

Google+ Gender Divide in its Users 24.11.2011

So today I checked out SocialStatistics for an update on the divide. SocialStatistics track 83,621 Google+ profiles to reach

conclusions on a variety of issues of possible interest, among them the gender divide issue. And sure enough, male can still be seen as the dominant gender on Google+, but at least the divide is becoming more even as males are now only making up 68.6% of the users, with females closing in on the gap at 30.3%

In Mashable’s article they checked another site as well to confirm the divide so I decided to have a look at that as well. The site they used was FindPeopleOnPlus.com and at that time the percentage of male users according to them was actually “only” 74% compared to SocialStatistics 87%. I would say the discrepancy comes from the fact that at that point Google+ was fairly new and hence the sites compiling the statistics would also be fairly new and possibly facing some small issues in establishing reliable figures, but also from the fact that SocialStatistics uses a much smaller pool of people for their figures than what FindPeopleOnPlus does.

A quick peak on FindPeopleOnPlus shows us that the figures have indeed become more similar, posing a more reliable result for what the gender divide really is. The results here show male users making up 68.9% of all users versus the females making up 30.2%. The question that remains is, how long will it take for us to reach a more equal 50%-50% divide?

Find People On Plus Gender Divide

Now that we know Google+ worked like a charm for techies (and hence male users), what will the similar success story for females be?

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