…me is always so hard to write so lets start with my aim for this site. This started off as a forum of expression as well as something of a sparring partner when it comes to any comments about my area of professional interest – Games, Gaming, Gambling, Women and Marketing..

Contrary to what the above comment might suggest, I am a woman. I guess the basics about me could be summarised as followed: A lady of medium height and average weight who enjoys sports, dancing, games, wine, cheese, pilates, yoga, films, statistics and maths, computers, photography, reading, kissing, cooking, the sunshine, tattoos, the circus and in general all kinds of things that make life intersting. Professionally I ended up in Gambling about 3.5 years ago when I move to London, but personally I have always enjoyed some good Playstation sparring with my sister or a game of cards at the summer house with raisins at stake..

The aim of my blogs are basically to share my mind and opinions with the world, but due to their different natures, I have divided them up into areas of interest. In addition to Games Women Play I also handle a blog about my healthy ambitions of Burning Fat and another one about my general interest and life experiences through Vulgar Fractions.

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