Bingo is opening the world of online gambling to the masses, but most importantly to the women. As a game that most people know, and that most people have played at some point in their lives, Bingo offers a low threshold into the world of gambling thanks to its low cost of participation but its high return in entertainment you get for your money.

The social aspect of bingo has proved to be a perfect example of how Web 2.0 has taken the virtual world by storm, with many people actually moving their social circles online and meeting most of their new friends via online communication and entertainment channels rather than the traditional off line ones. Online Bingo  has greatly reduced the barriers of finding new friends with similar interests as well as removed some of the taboo to playing with real money online.

There are various sites online that offer great opportunities to take advantages of all the fun and entertainment that can be had in the bingo rooms. Having the benefit of both working in the industry as well as playing bingo, I keep a close eye on a few sites both for reference from a work point of view, but also from a personal point of view so I dont miss any of the fun. On this page I have selected a few of my personal and professional favourites that I would recommend for people who are keen to start playing. They are all sites I have had a lot of fun at, either playing there or working with the brand, and are all sites I have had very good experiences with. I hope this will help you choose your site, or at least give you an indication of what is out there so that you too can join the fun and start plaing bingo!

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