Over the last few years women are moving more and more into the gambling world, and its not only games with a lower threshold that are seeing increased female action, proper casino games have struck a note with women searching for everyday excitement and the daily thrill.

The larger gambling sites who previously focussed on offering either sportsbook, casino or poker, or all the above, have lately started to see a steady increase in female players. While many of these sites have realised the potential of casual games styled gambling, and especially the benefit of bingo in attracting new players and new novice players to their sites, Women are fast moving on from the initial entry point games. 

Over the last few years women have been hitting the poker tables like never before, a trend proven by Poker Players Research in their work researching trends in poker, both online and offline. But what has had the most impact on the revenues of gambling companies is the move into casino. Having satisfied the thirst for social interaction and shared fun in the bingo rooms, the ease with which women move into casino has been remarkable.

For a bingo player, the biggest part of its Average Return Per User (ARPU) and the Life Time Value (LTV) does not actually come from bingo, but from the casino and the side games offered at the bingo sites! Looking at top player spending, up to 80% of the ARPU and the LTV comes from the simple and very solitary game form slots.

Women are difficult to please and one of the holy grails of marketing (online or offline) is to find out What Women REALLY Want.. Seeing that in the end, women enjoy the solitary game of slots and the casino, just like their male counterparts, removes a bit of the punch from the argument that women dont really gamble, they just like to play a social game of bingo.

My view is that women (just like men) all want a moment to themselves, a moment of relaxation but also of fun and excitement, with the possibility to socialise and meet likeminded people thrown in as a bonus. But that is exactly it. Women want the choice to find a form of entertainment that fits into their lives best, whether that is a few minutes of personal thrill in the casino, or a lunch hour spent in the company of her bingo friends at an online bingo site. Most importantly, women want easy access and just simple fun!

Making your casino easy to access, with games available at the users fingertips will bring more money in than a fancy set up of intricate play and an exquisite gaming experience. Make the whole user experience simple, fast, fun and sacure and the women will come.

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